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I’m 35 years old, living in a single-family house in Svenstrup with my wife, Stine, a social worker, and our son, Arthur, who starts school this summer.
In my spare time, I enjoy gardenwork, making small rebuilds on our house and spending time with my family.

The change in direction from patent maker to Industrial designer arrived at a natural moment in my career where I produced a lot of prototypes and became interested in the entire design and development phase. I feel that I have learned from my previous professional experiences and current education how to build a bridge between theory, thought and practice.

As a person, I am considered, thorough and analytical - I think before I speak, and am 110% dedicated to my duties. I experience a clear advantage in having a solid background in the labour market before I started studying - and I look forward to getting back into practice and apply my broad knowledge into thorough and sustainable results.

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Individual projects

Aalborg University

Remote control

Micro wind turbine


Team projects

Aalborg University

Exhauste removal system

Water tap for kindergartens

Lift for wheelchairs

Personal Projects


Cabinet for stamps


Dinning table



Sketches & Renders