I have a broad range of competencies, practical as well as theoretical, below is a list

showing where, when and how I have acquired some of these skills


Arth Engineering ApS - 2018 - Current

Development of a 'Mobile autonomous digital router' for professional workshops in the wood industry - a cutter which a capable of making large complex cutouts in wood sheet materials.
• Business plans
• Find suppliers and prices
• SolidWorks
• Product development
• User surveys
• Customer contact
• Prototyping

Intern - Technical constructor

xtrn ApS - Aug. 2018 - Sep. 2018

Technical constructor position in a small startup. At xtrn I participated in all the different phases of the projects, attended customer meetings, drew construction drawings in SolidWorks, made drawing changes as well as technical drawings on existing projects, in addition, I participated in the development of an in-house robot project.
SolidWorks • 
Technical drawings • 
Product maturation • 
Customer meetings • 

Cand.polyt. - Industrial Design

Aalborg University - June 2018

I finished my Master Degree as an Engineer with Industrial Design as specialization from one of the top 5 Engineering Universities in the world - Aalborg University.
The education centers around product development, how to design products for the end-user, how to implement the products in a production line and how to get the products to market. The business setup from initial user-need to the final business plan is the primary focus of the master’s degree program.

Intern - Technical constructor

Bent Hansen A/S - Sep. 2017 - Dec. 2017

Design position at Bent Hansen ApS as part of the Master program at Aalborg University. I was assigned to the development department, which included developing the technical aspects of new furniture concepts. I was responsible for communicating with the designer and creating models of the results in SolidWorks on a specific chair. I was responsible for the development of a project for an institution in Aalborg, including contact with the subcontractors involved. I was also responsible for their newly purchased 3D printer, including maintenance, getting the files ready for the print in Cura and making sure everything went smoothly on the often up to 6 days long prints.
SolidWorks •
Furniture Construction • 
Customer meetings • 
3d print •


Student Assistant

Aalborg University - Sep. 2014 - Oct. 2014

Student Assistant at Drawing Course on Hand Drawing techniques (Assistant Teacher). Guidance of students at Architecture and Design, Aalborg University. My role consisted of guidance in various drawing techniques such as perspective drawing, techniques on shadows/ highlights and techniques related to markers. The instructions were both on individually plane as well as in plenary for the students.
• Feedback
• Drawing instructions
• Hand renditions


Frick - 2010 - 2012

One-man business with the responsibilities for the daily operations; contact with customers, design based on customer requirements and needs, contact to subcontractors and production of custom-made furniture’s for private and associations.
Customer contact •
Design •
Development and production of furniture’s •
Accounting •
Contract with customers and subcontractors •
procurement of materials etc. •

Cabinet Maker

Malte Gormsen ApS - 2006 - 2012

Manufacturing of custom-made furniture’s for restaurants and shops, including NOMA, Malene Birger and Geranium. Production drawings were to varying degrees prepared for the individual tasks, therefore the cabinet maker where responsible for the assignment ensuring it was done correctly and in a satisfactory quality. The daily task was done in close collegiate sparring to achieve the best results. Furthermore, I had various roles during my time in the workshop, such as a safety representative, as well as the responsibility for the machinery, including contact to various suppliers and technicians. In addition to the above, I had various tasks developing and in production of prototypes. I found these tasks highly interesting and went to a great extent to complete these tasks. which often secured I got the main responsibility for the execution of the prototypes.

• Contact to subcontractors

• Prototypes

• Manufacture of furniture and fixtures

• Safety representative

• Maintenance of machinery

Fitness Instructor

Dansk Fitness A.M.B.A - 2008 - 2011

Fitness Instructor at Dansk Fitness in Præstø - shared function as receptionist with administrative assignments, as well as a fitness instructor planning personal training programs for the users of the center as well as general instructions on different machines and exercises. Furthermore, light cleaning and maintenance of the center's furniture and premises.

Customer contact •

Administration •

Maintenance and cleaning •

Cabinet Maker

PJ Furnite ApS - 2004 - 2006

Part of the daily production of classic architect-designed furniture such as Ole Wanscher and Finn Juhl. I held an "octopus" role which consisted of helping where there was a need in the workshop, it could in the department, which was responsible for cutting, gluing, in the sanding and preparation phase

or as the last step in quality control and packaging.

• Production of classic furniture

• Quality control

• Packing

Wood Patternmaker

Brdr. Christensen Haner ApS - 2003 - 2004

At Brdr. Christensen Haner I created new models for the metal foundry, as well as continuously repairs on the company's large collection of models for pumps and taps for the oil and water industry.
Production of models •
Repair of models •

Wood Patternmaker

SP Modeller ApS - 2002 - 2003

At SP Modeller, I primarily made new models in wood or thermosetting plastics for metal foundries, the vacuum forming industry and scale models for water and wind tunnel tests. As a wood patternmaker, you often work with very small tolerances, often <0.2mm depending on which production method the model is to be used for.

• Development

• Production of models

• Repair of models


I'm Alexander

Wood Patternmaker & Industriel designer


I'm a passionate wood patternmaker and Industrial designer.

"I am driven by a passion for creating elaborate and detailed products. For me, all the individual stages of product development have a high value, but I am particularly focused on how we can develop, create and produce the product in the easiest and most cost beneficial way, while still achieving the highest possible user satisfaction."


A small selection of some of my drawings done with pens & marker


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